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2016 - 01 - 07
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In response to the national calls for energy conservation and emissions reduction, CC+ motor always commit to the R&D for efficient and low energy consumption motors. Meantime, CC+ motor installed...
2016 - 06 - 15
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The 16th international woodworking machinery and furniture production equipment exhibition (WMF2016) was held in Beijing in June 1st. CCmotor exhibited ATC, tool changer,boring units and other product...
2016 - 01 - 07
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CC+ successfully launched AC servo motor for polarimeter in the cooperating with Jinan Haineng. The polarimeter is an instrument to measure optical rotation of material, Which can be used to determine...
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产品名称: MDK30A-8T
  • MDK30A-8T MDK30A-8T
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Tool holder:BT30/ISO30

Tool quantity:8T

Max tool diameter:100mm

Max stroke:150mm

Max capacity:3kg

Power saver voltage:380V




Used in tools store for woodworking CNC, realizing in automatic changer in processing.

◆MDK series tools magazine has compact structure and easy to install and control, at the same time, it can be customized according to customers’ request;
◆Dividing mechanism is sheave structure, quick dividing , quiet and high precision;
◆Knife dish with whole processing, high accurate positioning;
◆Adopting efficient motor in speed cutting and proximity switch to realize automatic tool change;
◆Tools magazine is designed to different specifications and structure to meet the needs of different devices.

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