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Recruitment Training System


1.Personnel training strategy

To fully motivate the initiative of employees, company will arrange personnel training for management, professional knowledge and operation skill. Make them constantly create value to realize the company strategic target.

2.Internal training and autonomous learning

Company have internal training on a regular basis and encourage employees to autonomous learning with amount of subsidies and help employees adjust their learning state to make them find the precision and matching leaning plan.

3. The pre-job training for new employees

To make new employees have a clear idea of company culture and help them adjust attitude, get their duty, target and get main point of work, there will be a pre-job training on employees:


(1) Company profile: the company history, the present state, the status in this field and business philosophy, corporation culture, the future prospects, the function and business scope of the departments , personnel structure, salary welfare policy, training system, and major personnel changes or introduction of the awards and punishments principle and answers of the problem which the new staff cared about, etc.

(2) The employee handbook: the company rules and regulations, rewards and punishment regulations, norms, etc.

(3) The entry notice: orientation program and the relevant formalities process.

(4) The financial system: reimbursement application, relevant handing procedures and applying process for office equipment.

(5) Safety knowledge: fire safety knowledge, safety knowledge and emergency handling of equipment, etc.

(6) Visits: visit other departments.

(7)Communication:Introduction of the head of the company's top leaders,and communication between leaders and new employees.

4.On-the-job training

On-the-job training have different class according to the professional training, management training and education of general skills. The contribution, work seniority, performance, moral cultivation, learning attitude, professional quality and professional ethics will be taken into consideration on its qualification. Morality will as first choice in cultivation and promotion in order to cultivate more elite for company.

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