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The philosophy ' guiding the new tech of a change in trend, generating a dynamic power in future ' is a recognized part of the company's heritage since its establishment in 1968. In the face of fierce market competition, Haiyang Changchuan Motor Co., Ltd.(CC Motor)makes constant effort to improve production technologies, improve management and administration and raise the quality of service. The company is committed to returning customers and the society with highest level of service and high-quality products.

In terms of business management, while sticking to the principle of humanized management with strict discipline as the core, CC Motor constantly develops new models of management to move toward streamlining and efficiency. Through scientific management, the employees work confidently together as one, laying a solid manpower foundation for the company's success.

In terms of market management, CC Motor establishes a good reputation in domestic and foreign markets and wins worldwide acclaim by continuously improving product quality and service level.

Looking into the future, CC Motor will continue to forge ahead and seek for ever greater perfection to deliver more high-quality products.

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Address: No. 8 Wenzhou Str. , Economic Development Zone, Haiyang City , Shandong, China.
TEL: 86-535-3205189
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